Now that California buyers are again competing for housing, we’re seeing many “as-is” offers. “As-is” means that the buyer is accepting the property with all its defects, including dry rot, termite damage, fungus, beetles, and other issues. Most buyers are savvy enough to order any recommended drywood termite fumigation before they move in; however, they then put off other essential treatments and repairs for later–yet later never arrives! 

Use the termite inspection report (also known as wood destroying organism-WDO-inspection report) as a checklist for improving the health of your home. Unrepaired damage to the wood structure of a house doesn’t repair itself. In fact, damaged wood can continue to deteriorate and to attract new destructive organisms.

Our advice: purchase your house “as-is” if you must, but then complete all the termite inspection report Section One and Section Two repairs within the next six months. (Section One lists active infestations of wood destroying organisms and the resulting damage; Section Two lists correctable conditions that could lead to an infestation.)

Buying a new house is a huge investment. Protect it by making your “as-is” house “all-better.”