Let’s put the Yosemite outbreak in perspective. Hantavirus is a rare pulmonary disease carried and spread by rodents–primarily the deer mouse. Hantavirus is prevalent in most areas where deer mice are present. Luckily deer mice are rarely present in cities and suburbs. These large eared, small bodied mice live in wilderness areas. If you are going camping, understand the risks (which are very limited) and take precautions. Around the home, we always advise avoiding contact with all wild rodents, their droppings and nesting materials. Before entering an enclosed area such as a garden shed or cabin, allow it to air out for several hours. Clean surfaces that may have been contaminated by rodents by wetting down the area with a bleach solution and mopping up with a towel or rag. Do not use a broom or vacuum as it could stir up contaminated dust into the air.

House Mouse

House Mouse

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