Bed Bugs in Vacuum

Bed Bugs in Vacuum
Bed bugs hide in vacuum cleaners.

Do you have a housekeeper? To prevent bed bugs, insist that your housekeeper use your vacuum and not bring one in from the outside. At Thrasher Termite & Pest Control, we’ve found live bed bugs inside of vacuum cleaners. Vacuums suck up small particles, including bed bugs and bed bug eggs. Vacuums have lots of nooks and crannies for bed bugs and bed bug eggs to hide: the rug beater, the corrugated hose, the filters, the bag or the dirt receptacle.

When housekeepers rush from job to job, they may not be aware that they’ve just visited a bed bug infested home and sucked up some bed bugs.

To prevent the spread of bed bugs, every time you or your housekeeper finishes vacuuming, immediately place the vacuum bag in a sealed plastic bag and dispose of it in a trash receptacle outdoors. If you have a bagless vacuum, the contents of the canister should be emptied into a trash bag and tied shut. The canister should then be washed to remove any remaining bed bugs or eggs. Also wash or replace the vacuum filters frequently.

At the first possible sign of bed bugs, call Thrasher, the bed bug experts, for a bed bug inspection. Don’t let bed bugs get established in your home. Our proven methods get rid of bed bugs; our prevention advice will help keep them from coming back.

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