Bee Control from Thrasher Pest Control

Honey Bees are tan or yellowish brown and are covered in hairs. They sting once, and leave their stinger full of venom behind.

Thrasher Pest Control Yellowjacket

Yellow Jackets are bright yellow and shiny black. A member of the wasp family, each can sting multiple times.










Bee or Yellowjacket? It doesn’t much matter if you get stung.

Your Role in Bee Sting Control—

-Remain calm and quiet and slowly move away from bees. Buzzing insects will sting if they feel threatened so do not swat at them.

-Avoid wearing brightly colored clothing when outdoors. Do not be confused for a flower!

-Avoid scented soaps, perfumes, or hair sprays. These can attract insects.

-Be careful when cooking, eating or drinking soda or juice outdoors. Keep food and drinks covered until consuming them.

-Wear closed-toe shoes to avoid stepping barefoot on a stinging insect.