Indian meal moth on plastic lid

Shop in Bulk, But Protect Your Panty

Do bulk bins in grocery stores harbor pests? Sometimes. But pantry pests can infest any bagged or boxed food in the store and you might accidentally bring pests home with you. Read on to learn how Thrasher Pest Control recommends you protect your kitchen and your food.

The term “pantry pest” is used to describe a handful of insects that commonly infest foods such as cereal, rice, flour and spices typically found in your kitchen pantry. Thrasher Pest Control finds that many of these pests are introduced into homes through already infested foods, but some can find their way in through improperly sealed windows or doors. Some of the most common pantry pests include the sawtoothed grain beetle, the rice weevil, and the Indianmeal moth.

Eliminating a pantry pest infestation can be challenging because these insects are small, often stay hidden, and they can reproduce quickly. In addition to being a nuisance, pantry pests can be downright costly. Each year, these insects are responsible for millions of dollars in food losses due to contamination or damage. The number one thing you can do to avoid pantry pests in your kitchen is to store dry foods properly. Pantry pests are experts at locating and infesting foods. Store dried goods in a glass or plastic container that has a tight-fitting lid to keep hungry insects out, and to contain any insects if a food source was already contaminated. (This advice applies to dry pet food too!)

Indianmeal moths in container

Buy grains in bulk? This Indian meal moth was accidentally brought home in a bag of quinoa. Because the Thrasher Pest Control customer wisely stored the grain in a tough container with a tightly fitting lid, the problem was limited and quickly eliminated.


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