Black Widow Prevention on the Playground

When Thrasher Termite & Pest Control receives a call  from a nursery school about black widow spiders, we clear our calendar.  Instructional staff noticed black widow spiders on the playground and needed quick action to protect the children. You won’t believe where we found the spiders hiding!

A thorough search of the playground involved looking under tiny tables and low benches, ducking into playhouses, and tipping over tricycles and small play structures. The thrasher technicians felt like curious giants!

The hollow feet decorating a tunnel shaped like a caterpillar turned out to be the favored location of the black widow spiders. We discovered webs inside of all the hollow feet, and several live black widow spiders and egg cases.

Black Widow Spider under Playground toy

All Thrasher Termite & Pest Control technicians have met the training requirements of the California Healthy Schools Act and have additional training working at sensitive sites.  We quickly dispatched the black widow spiders and the egg sacks with a botanical insecticide that is safe for use on and around children’s toys. Our recommendation for making the playground less attractive to spiders was anticipated by the principal–she had already ordered the mowing of a field of tall grass adjacent to the playground. (Tall grasses and weeds attract insects, insects attract hungry spiders.)

Black widow spider and egg case under playgound toy

Black widow spider and under playground toy


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About the Author:

Garrett Thrasher is Vice President and General Manager of Thrasher Termite & Pest Control of So Cal, Inc., Chairperson of the San Diego District of the Pest Control Operators of California (PCOC), a member of the bedbugFREE network, and a member of the National Pest Management Association. Author of The Bed Bug Battle Plan: Field Tested Solutions for Bed Bug Extermination and Prevention (ISBN: 1500838209), Garrett’s solid understanding of bed bugs, their behavior, current outbreaks, and experience on camera has made him a leading contact for news and media outlets. He is also a sought after speaker on the topic of managing online reviews for positive impact. He has spoken at PestWorld and PestTech, and was featured in PCT Magazine and the PCT Podcast. Thrasher Termite & Pest Control of So Cal is accredited by QualityPro–the mark of excellence in pest management.

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