Gutter Blast Telescoping Power Jet WandDid you know that the layers of leaves in your rain gutters make a perfect breeding ground for beetles and other pests. Blast them away before the rain starts. The Ray Padula RPGCBC Gutter Blast Telescoping Power Jet Wand is by far the best gutter flusher we’ve ever used. The heavy-duty, yet lightweight design telescopes to over five feet long. The all brass Power Jet! Nozzle top creates a powerful, blasting water stream right from your garden hose. Squeeze Grip risers take the shape of your hand while in use eliminating hand stress, while the built-in flow control dial allows you to make all flow control adjustments right from the wand. The crook shape reaches perfectly into gutters to make short work of clearing leaves. Our only recommendation…wear a hat! This thing blasts.

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