Rat Coloring Page

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Free download: Rat Coloring Page. You are free to download and share this rat/mouse coloring page from Thrasher Termite & Pest Control. It is designed in the Dia de los Muertos/Mexican Folk Art style. Rat Coloring Page.Thrasher.PDF Download

Top Five Insect Vampires

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Just in time for Halloween is Thrasher Pest Control's list of the Top 5 Insect Vampires found in California. Insect vampires do not have glistening skin, are not heroes, and are not in the least romantic, but they all suck blood. [...]

Beware the Bulk Bins

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Do bulk bins in grocery stores harbor pests? Sometimes. But pantry pests can infest any bagged or boxed food in the store and you might accidentally bring pests home with you. Read on to learn how Thrasher Pest Control recommends [...]