Wasp, Yellowjacket, and Bee Control for Silicon Valley Homes

We offer professional wasp, yellowjacket, and bee removal using proper equipment and procedures to provide safe areas for work and play. Our removal methods are effective and guaranteed. Please do not attempt to remove stinging pests without the proper equipment and experience. Call Thrasher immediately.

Stinging Pest Control

Pest protection plan graphic from Thrasher Termite & Pest Control
Pest Prevention graphic Thrasher Termite & Pest Control

Stinging Pests are Not a DIY Project

Wasps and Yellowjackets

Wasps and Yellowjackets are dangerous, social insects that form large, well guarded nests. They can and will attack anyone who interferes with the nest. Thrasher’s service includes locating the nest, eliminating the adult wasps, and then removing the nest to ensure that all eggs are larvae are also eliminated.

Honey Bees

Thrasher is committed to protecting honey bees. Many bee colonies can be safely removed and relocated by bee specialists. For bee relocation we recommend the members of Santa Clara Valley Bee Keepers Guild. Occasionally a hive poses an imminent danger due to its location and/or proximity to children’s play areas. Some hives are formed in the walls of a structure and are impossible to remove. When necessary, Thrasher offers hive removal services. These services always result in killing  adult bees, eggs, and larvae. Structural bee control involves removing the destroyed hive, cleaning residual honey that may attract other insect pests and rodents, and sealing the area to prevent bees from re-infesting the area.

Corrective Services

Nest Elimination

  • Fast acting methods and professionally trained staff
  • Eliminates the colony and prevents dangerous situations

Nest and Comb Removal

  • Removal of combs and nest sites
  • Seal voids in structures
  • Disinfect nest area to prevent scavenger pets
  • Apply repellant to discourage new colony relocation

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