Carpenter Ants Thrasher Pest Control

Carpenter Ants are swarming in Silicon Valley. Once these tough pests get a foothold in your house, they are difficult to eradicate. Right now, be proactive. When you see carpenter ants, spray them with…wait for it…Windex — the window cleaner and flying ant preventative of pest professionals! Actually almost any spray cleaning product will do. Use what you have that won’t harm the surface that you are spraying.

How can you tell whether those flying insects are carpenter ants? Carpenter ants have the classic ant chassis: Head, Thorax, Abdomen. Legs are confined to the thorax. Swarming ants have four narrow wings. They also have a heart shaped head and jointed antennae. Wing tip to nose, they are about the width of a dime.

If your home has an established colony of carpenter ants, contact us. We’ll dispatch them for you.