Last Updated: December 28, 2020

As a pest extermination company, Thrasher Termite & Pest Control, Inc. is an essential service and is on the job. To keep our clients and our employees safe, we are following the recommendations and guidelines provided by the Santa Clara County Department of Public Health.

As required we prepared and submitted a Social Distancing Protocol to the County. It is available for download HERE.

Because the County does not offer specific guidelines for structural pest control operations, we follow the guidelines set forth by the State of California. Structural pest control is considered a limited service. These October 2020 guidelines are available HERE.


  1. OUR OFFICE IS CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC. You can always reach us by phone or text: 408-354-9944. Please do not come to our office.
  2. NO HANDSHAKES. We’re always happy to see our customers, but for now, a smile is our only greeting.
  3. KEEPING SOCIAL DISTANCE. Our team are required to maintain a six foot distance from clients; and clients are required to maintain a six foot distance from our team. Please stay at least six feet away as our inspectors and technicians perform their job and understand when they keep discussion of your property brief and from a distance. You will be emailed a written report that can be reviewed over the phone if you have questions.
  4. ILLNESS. Our team is instructed to stay home if they, or someone they live with, are ill.
  5. SAFETY STOP. During the work day, any member of our team who starts feeling ill or exhibits any signs of illness (fever, cough, shortness of breath) are required to issue a “Safety Stop” and to leave the workplace. If any member of our team notices sign of illness in another person when they are working at client’s property. They are required to issue a “Safety Stop,” leave the property and consult with a supervisor.
  6. PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (PPE). Because we regularly deal with chemicals, proper use of PPE and good hygiene is second nature. Our staff will wear a fresh pair of gloves if they must enter your home and will dispose of those gloves between appointments. Some of the products we use require the use of a respirator. We are reusing respirators as long as safety allows to decrease the demand for these essential items.
  7. EXTERIOR SERVICE ONLY. It’s important to keep pests under control, so we will continue to keep our appointments. In order to minimize contact, we will be performing exterior-only services. If you notice an infestation inside your house, please call our office for information on your options.
  8. QUARANTINE. If you are home ill, we hope you get better soon. Call us so we can cancel any previously scheduled interior service or inspections until you are fully recovered.


We will get through this together!

Limited Services Guideline Excerpt

Download Limited Service Guidelines Oct 2020