To celebrate Halloween, think edible insects. Edible insects make great and creepy Halloween party food. If you’re not up to preparing live insects for consumption, you can purchase food insects from the sources below. At least two companies now make protein bars with cricket flour. Serving Suggestion: chop into bite-sized pieces, dip in chocolate, and place on a platter. It’s up to you when you inform your Halloween party guests of the ingredients.

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Exo Protein

Exo claims that “crickets are the new kale.” (Not such a good claim if you hate kale.) Exo boasts protein bars with cricket flour, designed by an award-winning, three-Michelin-star chef. They combine minimally-processed and environmentally sustainable cricket protein with other tasty ingredients. Follow this link for a sampler-pack coupon.




Chapul Bars are all-natural bars with protein from crickets-one of the planet’s most amazing, energy-efficient creatures. No soy. No dairy. No Gluten. Just flour made entirely from crickets…inspired by native techniques used for centuries in the American Southwest and Mexico.



Hotlix® of Grover Beach, California is the original edible insect candy creator.  They sell products directly from their website,, through, and at their storefront in Pismo Beach, California. Hotlix sells prepared  “larvets” and “crickettes,” which are toasted and flavored like potato chips. We dare you to toss a box of larvets into your Chex Party Mix.

They will also take phone orders “food-grade” insects like toasted crickets and preserved scorpions so you don’t have to do the initial cooking.


Want to learn more about insects as food?

Watch TED Talks: Marcel Dicke: Why not eat insects?  Marcel Dicke wants us to reconsider our relationship with insects, promoting bugs as a tasty – and ecologically sound – alternative to meat in an increasingly hungry world.

Just want the insects out of your house?

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