When Crickets invade, we will take care of these pesky creatures for you.

House Crickets normally live outdoors, especially in garbage dumps. They love warm weather, but will move indoors when it gets colder (usually in later in summer). Each female cricket can lay an average of 728 eggs with the offspring resembling the adults except they do not yet have wings.

Crickets can live indoors, completing their life cycle with eggs laid in cracks, crevices and other dark areas such as behind baseboards. Adults are very attracted to lights, and become active at night, crawling, jumping or flying – sometimes in countless numbers – up the sides of houses, entering openings located nearly anywhere – even the roof!

Their continued, monotonous “chirp” is loud and distracting, resulting in lost sleep. They will feed on silk, woolens, nylon, rayon and wood. They can bite when handled carelessly. Let us handle it for you!