Treatment of flying pests involves removing food or harborage (if possible) and then treating resting surfaces.

Learn about BeesBees & Wasps are controlled by addressing the hive or nest, bees and wasps are quickly brought under control. In the special case of honey bees, we are happy to refer you to a honey bee relocation specialist. We avoid honey bee colony destruction as much as possible; however, Africanized honey bees must always be destroyed.

earn about pantry pests

Moths in the home are traced to the source–the kitchen pantry or  natural fibers (clothing or carpets). If possible the source of the infestation is removed and the area around the infestation is treated.


Flies are controlled by removing their food and harborage, and by treating resting surfaces.

learn about mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are controlled most effectively by eliminating standing water and by treating resting surfaces in the shade.

learn about beetles

Beetles, ants, and termites: at certain times of year some, or all, of these insects may fly. Treatment protocols depend upon accurate identification of the pest.