Which of these items have NOT been used as a DIY bed bug heat treatment: camp stove, blow dryer, propane heater, heat gun, stove, or space heater?

Yes, they’ve all been used and all have caused home fires. Heat kills bed bugs–proven fact. Do-it-yourself heat treatment causes house fires–also, proven fact. That’s why DIY heat treatment for bed bugs is Number 3 in our Top 10 Bed Bug Bad Ideas. Read these examples from the news of DIY bed bug heat treatment gone wrong, then put away the barbecue and call Thrasher Termite & Pest Control.

From the News (I am Not Making This Up!)

A Lexington, Kentucky, woman read on the internet about using heat to kill bed bugs, so she lit a camp grill in her bedroom. The result? No more bed bugs, but no bedroom either. Luckily the resulting fire was confined to her bedroom, sparing the rest of the house. A Chicago landlord accidentally blew up an apartment while trying to get rid of bed bugs. His bright idea? Use propane tanks and an open flame to heat the unit. The landlord isn’t talking about the resulting explosion (strong enough to send a sink, toilet, and bathtub flying through the ceiling) nor about the fire that destroyed 90% of a small family’s belongings. Homeowners in South Jersey attempted to “heat” bedbugs out of a piece of furniture using a space heater, a hair dryer and a heat gun when the fire started. (Seriously, I am not making this up!) One of the homeowners and a completely innocent firefighter were hospitalized for treatment of inhalation burns. Maintenance workers at a Minnesota apartment complex used space heaters and heating coils wired directly to an electrical panel in an effort to kill a suspected bed bug infestation.  Firefighters were summoned to the building by a fire alarm. In checking units, officials found the door to unit 119 warm to the touch. Luckily, a fire had not yet started, but the apartment building had to be evacuated due to the dangerous condition.