When your child discovers a spider in the shower or is confronted with ants in the kitchen, how do you keep them from becoming overly fearful? Thrasher is ready to take care of your pest problems, but only you can take care of your child. According to Cincinnati Children’s, “A fear of the creepy crawlies – and fear in general – is a normal developmental stage for children. It’s normal to not like spiders, but what’s not normal is taking that fear to the extreme. For example, a child refusing to go into a room because there was once a water bug in there.” Cincinnati Children’s cites pest education as one of the ways to help kids manage fears about pests.

For pest education aimed at kids, whether for fun or for fighting fear, we highly recommend PestWorldForKids.org.

Pest Education

PestWorldForKids.org is filled with age appropriate (and fun!) pest education for kids. From Critter Crafts to Pest Quest episodes, there is something for children of all ages on PestWorldForKids.org. The educational activities and learning experiences on the website support educational standards from the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) and the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE). To keep children playing and learning freely, there are no on-site or pop-up advertisements or third-party external links. A few notable resources include:

  • Pest Guides to teach children about the different characteristics of various pests
  • Challenge your child’s pest knowledge using buggy quizzes or by playing an interactive game
  • Learning about the fascinating world of insects, rodents and other pests through Pest Quest episodes
  • Critter Crafts for pest-themed art projects, such as a bumblebee bookmark or ladybug crown
  • For older kids, check out the science fair kits

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To learn more about helping kids work though pest anxiety, we suggest reading Tackling Your Child’s Fear of the Creepy Crawlies. 


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