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Simple Mosquito Prevention.

Mosquitoes that spread deadly dengue hemorrhagic fever have been found in Los Angeles County, and are poised to make their way north. If you do only one thing to protect yourself, do this:

Dump Standing Water!

Dengue fever or “yellow fever” is transmitted by the  Aedes aegypti mosquito. This mosquito breeds in anything with standing water and is more aggressive than California mosquitoes. It is small, and black with white stripes and bites during the day. Mosquito larvae – or ‘wrigglers’ – must live in water for only 7-14 days. A small puddle in the shade can easily last long enough to unleash a batch of these bad boys. Practice mosquito prevention by dumping standing water.

Dengue fever is a very serious disease. Don’t take this warning lightly. Download our free Homeowners Checklist for Mosquito Prevention and dump standing water now!

Aedes aegypti mosquito

According to the Mayo Clinic, symptoms of dengue fever may not be obvious.

Many people, especially children and teens, may experience no signs or symptoms during a mild case of dengue fever. When symptoms do occur, they usually begin four to 10 days after you are bitten by an infected mosquito. Signs and symptoms of dengue fever most commonly include:

  • Fever, as high as 106 F (41 C)
  • Headaches
  • Muscle, bone and joint pain
  • Pain behind your eyes

You might also experience:

  • Widespread rash
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Rarely, minor bleeding from your gums or nose

Most people recover within a week or so. In some cases, symptoms worsen and can become life-threatening.

Take mosquito prevention seriously. It is your first and best line of defense against disease carrying mosquitoes.

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