pill bug plush

Looking for a great gift? Here are a few of our favorite things for 2018.

    1. For Children, Pipsie Nature Detective books.
    2. Paper Mate Handwriting Mechanical Pencils. These are literally the best mechanical pencils we’ve ever used. The come with extra thick lead for less breakage and because they are #2, the lead is soft and doesn’t scratch your paper. Yes, these are advertised for kids, but our carpenters and office staff love them.
    3. Buggy Socks. Hey, they make us smile, so why not? Foot Traffic has a great selection.
    4. Speaking of smile…the Mini Pill Bug Plush…Awe!
    5. The Bee Circle T-Shirt. Sure it’s yet another T, but it has BEES!
    6. We’ve had a lot of fun with our Plugable 250x Digital USP Microscope. While we use it for business, we’ve also identified the faint inscription on a ring, had the kids look at cells in a leaf, and watched ladybug eggs hatch.
    7. Blu-ray or DVD, we highly recommend the classic pest control movie, Men In Black.Pipsie Nature Detective Book Cover

PaperMate Handwriting #2 Mechanical PencilsFirefly socks Pill bug plushInsect t-shirtUSB MicroscopeMen in Black DVD

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