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Taxidermy Fumigation

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Drywood termite fumigation controls some taxidermy pests that commonly infest taxidermy mounts. Because Vikane® (sulfuryl flouride) is a trusted remedy used by many museums, we recommend that owners of taxidermy mounts consider upgrading their drywood termite fumigation to a "taxidermy" fumigation. Here's [...]

How to Tell the Difference Between Bed Bugs and Carpet Beetles

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Many people confuse the common, and relatively* harmless, carpet beetle with bed bugs. Here's how to tell the difference. Immature bed bugs (nymphs) and adult bed bugs both bite. Bed bug nymphs are very small, pale tan, but have the same [...]

Tiny Fuzzy Bugs on Walls? Carpet Beetles on the Climb

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Carpet beetle larvae look like very, very small fuzzy caterpillars; however they are far from harmless. They feed on fabric, clothing, and furnishings and leave damage behind. Carpet beetles and carpet beetle larvae can also trigger rhinoconjunctivitis and asthma as [...]