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Vacuums Harbor Fleas and Bed Bugs

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Did you know that your vacuum can harbor fleas and bed bugs? Our Thrasher Termite & Pest Control service technicians often include vacuums in their pest inspections! Think about it, vacuums suck up small particles, including fleas, bed bugs and bug [...]

Flea Bite Treatment: 10 Natural Ways to End the Itch

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The itch of flea bites may linger up to two weeks. Once you're on your way to controlling fleas in your home, try some of these home remedies for flea bite itch relief. As with any home remedy, if symptoms [...]

Flea Season Never Ends

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In California, flea season never ends. Often Northern California gets a small respite during the winter (fleas don't like wet weather); however, the dry winter means fleas are breeding from San Jose to San Diego. One main issue brings fleas [...]