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Top Five Insect Vampires

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Just in time for Halloween is Thrasher Pest Control's list of the Top 5 Insect Vampires found in California. Insect vampires do not have glistening skin, are not heroes, and are not in the least romantic, but they all suck blood. [...]

One Simple Way to Protect Yourself from this Deadly Disease

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Simple Mosquito Prevention. Mosquitoes that spread deadly dengue hemorrhagic fever have been found in Los Angeles County, and are poised to make their way north. If you do only one thing to protect yourself, do this: Dump Standing Water! Dengue fever or "yellow [...]

7 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Ants, Flies, Yellowjackets and Other Picnic Pests

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Summertime in California means picnics, barbecues, and pests. As you plan your next outdoor extravaganza, follow these simple, low cost tips for picnic pest prevention from Thrasher Termite & Pest Control. If you need additional help, call Thrasher Termite & [...]