Protect Hummingbird Feeders from Ants
Protect Hummingbird Feeders from Ants

Protect Hummingbird Feeders from Ants

Concentrated sugar water used to feed hummingbirds attracts ants. Then the ants then drive the hummingbirds birds away and you have an ant problem. In the past, mineral oil, Vaseline or a very fine fishing line inserted between the branch and the hummingbird feeder were recommended. There are several inexpensive products on the market to keep ants away from hummingbird feeders that we like much better:

Stokes Select Hanging Ant Moat $3.99 at Kmart

Red Flower Ant Moat  $5.99 at Duncraft

WoodLink 3-In Plastic Bird Feeder Ant Guard $12.09 at Lowes

All these hummingbird feeder accessories use water to create a moat that floats above the feeder. The ants can’t cross the water to climb down to the hummingbird feeder. Ingenious! (Do clean out the moat periodically as it may be a water source for other birds.)

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