Orange Eaten by Rats

Hollowed-out Oranges and Other Citrus…Think Rats

On a Sunday walk through her neighborhood, one of our team noticed, not one, but two oranges that were clearly snacked on by rats. When you see an orange that is hollowed out, the culprit is usually a rat. When you see multiple oranges within two feet of the sidewalk, this is cause for concern. Rats are cautious by nature and prefer hidden areas with lots of cover. Finding evidence so close to public areas is never a good sign. Rats are carriers of many known human diseases. But we can control rats!

First: Stop Feeding Rats

Do your part by picking up fallen fruit and throwing it away. If the oranges on your tree are ripe, pick all the fruit. Rats climb trees. Don’t leave snacks hanging on the branches.

Second: Remove Rat Shelter

Rats love wood piles and clutter. Clean up the areas that provide shelter for rats.

Third: Call the Professionals

If you can’t take care of a rat problem on your own, call in professional pest control, such as Thrasher. We have the experience and skills to deal with rats. Extermination is an essential service for a reason. Pests are nothing to become complacent about.

Hollowed-out orange, eaten by rats

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