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That sound rattling your rafters? It’s probably not Dasher and Dancer, but Ratty and Tatty. As the weather cools and gets damp, rats and mice move indoors. The sound of rats in the attic may carry throughout the house. If you hear bouncing thumps during the day, the problem may be squirrels on the roof. If you hear gnawing and scrabbling in the evening, it’s probably rats in the attic.

Roof rats often enter attics using tree limbs as ladders and electric and phone lines as highways. Other rats and mice crawl through vents, cracks, and crevices. Rats can fit through holes smaller than a quarter. Their nearly constant gnawing can destroy electrical systems, heating vents, and insulation, in addition to leaving behind a smelly, hazardous mess.

Rat in Disguise

If you find signs of rodents or their droppings in your home, take precautions to clean up the area safely.

  • Seal up holes or gaps in your home to prevent rodents from returning.
  • Clean up any sources of food or water, and items that might provide shelter for rodents.
  • Eliminate rodents in and around your home with snap traps or bait. Remember, you don’t have to deal with rats or mice on your own. Call a pest care professional to control the problem and institute preventive measures.

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