Save a Beer

DIY Pest Control Fails #6

In San Joaquin County, a 23-year-old man spotted a fly on his beer can, and sprayed an insecticide on the can. Later, as he drank from the can, his lips began to tingle.

None of these “blunders” — compiled from DPR’s Pesticide Illness Surveillance Program — resulted in death, although most victims required medical treatment. Don’t be a statistic. If you must use pesticides yourself, READ THE LABEL and stay safe. Better yet, call Thrasher Termite & Pest Control.

In Kern County, a man drank alcohol while spraying plants at his home on a hot day. He mistakenly took a drink of pesticide from a measuring cup. He spat it out immediately and then vomited. He could not explain why the ready-to-use product was in a measuring cup.

In Riverside County, a man went to take a shower and saw ants in the bathroom. He set off a bug bomb and remained in the bathroom to shower. When he finished, he inhaled some of the fumes and developed symptoms.

A San Francisco physician over-treated his closet with mothballs. When he wore clothes from the closet, he began to feel dizzy, nauseated, and suffered loss of muscular coordination. The first time, he recovered in fresh air. The second time, he went to an emergency room and was hospitalized overnight to rule out a stroke before the problem was traced to excessive mothball fumes.

In Sacramento County, a man bought an insecticide to kill rats. He planned to mix the pesticide with water, but powder got on his face when he opened a packet. He developed symptoms while washing up and tried to induce vomiting by sticking a finger that may have had insecticide on it in his mouth. When his symptoms worsened, his wife took him for medical care.