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DIY Pest Control Fails #5

A Los Angeles County homeowner saw a bug in her bathroom and sprayed it with a pesticide. As the bug kept moving, the 66-year-old woman kept on spraying — until the fumes overwhelmed her, and she immediately sought medical attention.

None of these “blunders” — compiled from DPR’s Pesticide Illness Surveillance Program — resulted in death, although most victims required medical treatment. Don’t be a statistic. If you must use pesticides yourself, READ THE LABEL and stay safe. Better yet, call Thrasher Termite & Pest Control.

A Los Angeles County tenant triggered three insect foggers in her apartment kitchen without extinguishing the pilot lights. As she opened the front door to leave, the material ignited and blew out her front windows. The 32-year-old woman was taken to a hospital with chest pain.

A Sonoma County man brought a 50/50 granular pool chlorine/water mixture home from work in a 16-ounce bottle. The bottle sat outside in the sun for a week. When the resident opened the bottle to pour it into his spa, the contents shot out under pressure and into his unprotected eyes.

A 35-year-old homeowner in Sonoma County noticed that her pesticide product had settled and solidified inside the container. She mistakenly shook the container without putting the cap back on, and some of the product shot into her right eye. She immediately flushed her eyes with water.

A homeowner in San Luis Obispo County mixed muriatic acid and diazinon into a hand pump sprayer in hopes of doing less work in his yard. When he pressurized the sprayer, it exploded. He immediately showered and sought medical attention.