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DIY Pest Control Fails #3

In Orange County, a dog owner with asthma hugged her one-pound puppy shortly after it received a liquid flea control treatment from the woman’s veterinarian. It was later determined that the puppy was treated with a dosage meant for larger dogs. The owner experienced shortness of breath, blurry vision, and other symptoms. The puppy also apparently suffered ill effects.

None of these “blunders” — compiled from DPR’s Pesticide Illness Surveillance Program — resulted in death, although most victims required medical treatment. Don’t be a statistic. If you must use pesticides yourself, READ THE LABEL and stay safe. Better yet, call Thrasher Termite & Pest Control.

As a San Diego County man prepared to spray ants with insecticide, he failed to notice the aerosol can faced the wrong way. He sprayed himself in the face, developed respiratory symptoms, and sought medical attention the next morning.

In Los Angeles County, a woman sprayed an aerosol insecticide under her kitchen sink to kill roaches. To get a better shot, she stuck her head inside the cabinet and then inhaled fumes. Her lungs began to burn and she sought medical attention.

An Orange County resident set off two “bug bombs” and left his house. He returned 90 minutes later, opened the windows, and remained inside. He developed heart symptoms and went to a hospital, where he suffered a stroke.

Another Los Angeles resident who sprayed her kitchen to kill flies drank from a glass of water that sat uncovered in the same room while she sprayed. A runny nose, headache, and chest tightness prompted her to seek medical aid.