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learn about spidersSpiders are a challenging pest to control for two main reasons: they walk on their toes and do not groom themselves like other insects, rendering most pest control products ineffective. However, Thrasher’s experience with spider control makes all the difference. Since spiders are predators, we control the insects that attract them, knock down webs to deter them, and assist clients in altering the environment to make it less spider friendly. We also directly apply pest control products effective against spiders and spider nests.

Household Spiders

Black Widow Spider

Black Widow Spider

Black widow spiders are identified by their shiny black body, long thin legs, large oval abdomen, and red “hourglass” pattern on the underside of the abdomen. This hourglass pattern may not always be visible.

Brown widow spider color ranges from tan to dark brown to black. They have a vivid orange or a yellowish color hourglass-shaped marking on the underside of the abdomen.

Widow spider bites are poisonous and painful, but rarely fatal. If you suspect that you have received a widow spider bite, seek immediate medical attention.

False Black Widow Spider Spinning Web

False Black Widow Spider Spinning Web

False black widow spiders do not have any hourglass-shaped marking on the abdomen, but do resemble their toxic cousins in shape, color, and habit. Their venom is less harmful to humans than black widows; however, their bite can still be extremely painful.

Cellar Spider

Cellar Spider

Cellar spiders are easily identified by their extraordinarily long and thin legs, which are attached to their elongate and thin body.

Parson Spider, Ground Spider, and Jumping Spiders are hunting spiders. They may be very fast moving spiders and commonly enter structures to hunt for food or harborage. They are primarily nocturnal, but when found in structures may be seen walking along floors, counter tops, walls, or ceilings. They are capable of biting humans, but their venom is generally not considered dangerous.

Thrasher Termite & Pest Control is very experienced at controlling the population of spiders in and around your home or business. Call today to discuss treatment options, to make you sleep better at night again.

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