Spider Control


When was the last time you found yourself jumping up in the air and shrieking? Most likely, it was because you saw or felt a spider closeby. Everyone has heard about the deadly bite of the “black widow”, and the instinctful fear we experience when we meet any spider has been influenced by historical tellings of poisinous spiders.
Most spiders live around water, rubble, leaves that have fallen and are decaying, and thick low plant growth. Spiders are cold blooded and can surprisingly live up to 2 years.
Spiders create and use “silk.” Located at the pinnacle of the abdomen is a collection of glands from which silk is produced as a liquid that solidifies to air exposure. The silk is used to catch prey, build cover, to assemble the web sac, and as leverage. Spiders also have pinchers that are fang-like, and special poison glands, used to defeat their prey; the poison is inserted through the hollow fangs.
Typical “house spiders” are gray, pale yellow or tan and are small. If you notice a spider that is larger, ½ inch or more with distinct patterns or brightly colored, and can move quickly and jump, then these are the outdoor species.
We are very experienced at controlling the population of spiders in your home or business. Call today to discuss treatment options, to make you sleep better at night again.

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