Western Sidewalk Ants on the Move

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Sinking sidewalks? Plummeting patios? The tiny Western sidewalk ant may be the root cause. Ants are one of the the world's prime earth movers, at least equal to earthworms. Unlike earthworms, they build extensive underground galleries in dry soil--such as [...]

The American Cockroach: What You Need To Know

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The American cockroach, Periplaneta americana. (cc) Photo by Gary Alpert American cockroaches are some of the nastiest bugs found in the United States. Every state has some area that is infested with these diseases carrying bugs, including California. [...]

Healthy Home Tuesday: Discourage Garden Rats

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Squirrels are rats with bushy tails. They can also be quite adorable when not digging up your garden or or eating your strawberries. To discourage squirrels from digging in vegetable gardens or flowerbeds, insert a layer of bird netting on [...]