The Most Important Words in a Termite Report

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The most important words in a termite report may be, “the […] area was inaccessible for inspection. An unknown further inspection is recommended.” Here's why: Have you ever purchased a piece of fruit with a tiny blemish? After you trim [...]

Termite Inspections Include Fungus but not Mold

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Why do Termite Inspections Identify Fungus but not Mold? Thrasher Termite & Pest Control is licensed to conduct inspections for wood destroying organisms (WDOs). Mold does not destroy wood, therefore we’re not trained or licensed to identify surface mold. That’s the [...]

No One Likes a Soggy House Except for Fungus

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How to Find, Identify, and Eliminate Moisture Conditions Termite inspection reports often list "moisture conditions" as problem items. What exactly are moisture conditions and why are they a problem? First, why you should care. Moisture in and around your home [...]