A Loveliness of Ladybugs

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What does one call a group or swarm of ladybugs? A loveliness. As in, "A Thrasher Termite & Pest Control technician sighted a loveliness of ladybugs overwintering on a lichen encrusted boulder." The Convergent ladybug migrates in the fall to [...]

Taxidermy Fumigation

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Drywood termite fumigation controls some taxidermy pests that commonly infest taxidermy mounts. Because Vikane® (sulfuryl flouride) is a trusted remedy used by many museums, we recommend that owners of taxidermy mounts consider upgrading their drywood termite fumigation to a "taxidermy" fumigation. Here's [...]

Important Bed Bug Law for California Landlords and Tenants

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California AB 551 - Rental Property: Bed bugs affects all landlords, tenants and any pest control company that performs bed bug work. Thrasher is happy to provide a brief, in-person presentation about this law to interested groups or associations. Call our office [...]

100 to 400 Reasons Not to Ignore Indiameal Moths

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Indianmeal moths are the most commonly encountered pest of stored products. The adult moth causes no damage; however larvae attack grain and grain products, dried fruit (they seem to love raisins), crackers, powdered milk, chocolate, dry dog food, bird seed [...]