Termite Damaged Subfloor

Leverage repairs to termite damage or fungus damage into an opportunity to exert your design influence. Note the terrible condition of the subfloor in this bathroom. Once it is repaired, the flooring must be replaced. What new surface would you select?

How would you like a bathroom remodel included with the purchase of your house?

Most sellers balk at offering to remodel a house they are trying to get rid of; however the termite report (or Wood Destroying Organisms Report) may prove your ally in replacing the ugly 70’s style vinyl flooring in the guest bathroom before you move in…if you know how to work the system.

In California, pest problems with wood structures are classified by severity. Section 1 problems are serious and most lenders require their repair in order to process the loan. In older homes, it is common to find fungus damage under a bathroom. Toilet rings get old and leak. Shower pans crack and leak. Anywhere there is water, there is potential for a small, seeping leak that may go unnoticed until an inspector crawls under the house and spots the damage caused by a small amount of water over a long period of time. A finding of “fungus damage to the subfloor” is your opportunity to leverage necessary repairs into a mini-makeover.

Discuss Your Repair and Replacement Options with the Termite Company

Pest control companies are often licensed general contractors. They may employee staff with repair skills, or may subcontract repairs. Either way, make sure you are consulted on the finish choices. For example, repairing subfloor damage under a toilet involves removing the toilet, installing new subfloor, and then finishing with new flooring throughout the bathroom. When a termite report calls for this kind of repair, insist on selecting the style and color of the replacement toilet and the style and color of the new flooring. If the company quoted vinyl floor installation, ask for the cost to upgrade to tile, real linoleum, or cork. Was a leaky sink or tub identified? Again, leverage the repairs to your advantage. Know your options and make the most of them!


Bathroom Remodel In Progress

This fungus damaged bathroom is on its way to becoming modern and functional.