Carpenter Bee

Carpenter bees are the B52’s of the bee world (the big airplane, not the band!). Huge, shiny black, and very noisy, being buzzed by a carpenter bee can be a frightening experience unless you realize they are very docile creatures and unlikely to sting you. The smaller honey bees and yellow jackets are much more aggressive. They do not like to be disturbed and will sting you.  If that happens, act quickly.

 Your Role in Bee Sting Treatment—

-Remove the stinger. Bees leave their stinger and venom sack behind; yellow jackets keep theirs and may sting multiple times

-Wash sting site and apply ice pack to minimize swelling

-Apply baking soda and meat tenderizer in a water paste to reduce venom spread and swelling

-Take antihistamine to lessen swelling and mild allergic responses

Thrasher Pest Control Yellowjacket

Yellow Jacket

-If serious reactions (i.e., dizziness, asthma, nausea, blood pressure drop, etc.) occur, seek a doctor IMMEDIATELY!  Only the immediate injection of epinephrine will combat a life threatening reaction.