Thrasher Bed Bug Prevention KitThe Bed Bug Prevention Kit is possibly the worst Christmas gift you can give your college student. It rivals socks and fruitcake as the least desirable present under the tree, but it is a gift that keeps on giving…to mom and dad! To find out what’s in the Bed Bug Prevention Kit for On and Off Campus read on or download the FREE Guide to Bed Bug Prevention.

Bed bugs are an introduced pest and a persistent problem in campus housing and in many Greek houses. Students’ rooms may have already been infested with bed bugs they moved in, or the bed bugs may invade from the room across the hall. Students also put themselves at risk anytime they bring in used furniture, get a new roommate, or let a friend stay for the night or weekend. When those students travel home for the holidays, they may bring their unwanted bed bug roommates with them.

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One of my clients lives in a townhouse. One spring this really sweet couple realized to their horror that they had bed bugs. We treated the townhouse and the couple was relieved to be free of bed bugs. They never could figure out where the bugs came from.

Three months later, the bed bugs “returned.” The couple assumed that we hadn’t killed all the bed bugs. I immediately re-inspected the townhouse. During my inspection, I noticed a stack of college textbooks on the table. Their daughter had left the books behind after winter break. BINGO!

Yes, the couple had noticed bites two weeks after the daughter returned to college, and yes, the previous infestation began shortly after the daughter had visited for Thanksgiving.

It can’t be said often enough: bed bugs are an introduced pest. Bed bugs in the daughter’s dorm room had infiltrated her luggage and infested her parent’s home twice! Once the bed bug issue was eliminated at the college, and the daughter learned how to bed-bug-proof her belongings, the infestations stopped.

–Excerpt from The Bed Bug Battle Plan, Second Edition by Garrett Thrasher

Protect your students and protect your home from bed bugs. Download the FREE Guide to Bed Bug Prevention On and Off Campus, and then visit Thrasher’s Bed Bug Store to create your own bed bug prevention gift box. We’ve selected the items most essential for bed bug prevention. Some of the items, such as Ziploc (r) bags can be purchased anywhere, we just include them the Store for convenience. Other items may be more difficult to find but are just as essential to bed bug prevention and early identification.

Let us know how your student responds to the wonderful and thoughtful gift of sleeping bed bug free.

(If suspect you’ve been visited by bed bugs, call our office! We’re your bed bug elimination experts.)


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